The Reality

Our goal is to provide accessible activities, programmes and services that aim to empower community members, provide essential resources, advocate for young LGBT+ rights, and embrace, promote and endorse the diversity of young persons.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. Unfortunately the reality is not so simple. We recently carried out a survey through our social media forums, where we targeted young members of the LGBTQI+ under 17 years of age, we had almost 1000 replies, the most disturbing result from this was the question “have you considered suicide in the last 12 months?” just over 90% answered yes to this question.

we all know that the lockdown stained everybody’s mental health, but prior to lockdown young members of the LGBTQI+ community where already suffering. In 2018 just over 850 children aged 19 and under took their own lives, 11 of these where aged 12 or younger, 24% of these deaths are young members of the LGBTQI+ community that equates to 204 children every year killing themselves because they are frightened of who they are or they are scared of what others think of them, please stop and think about that for a minute “204….” this means that every year a child aged under 12 will sit in their room and decide to end their life.

Post pandemic, the problems have significantly increased. the Gender Identity Development Service or (GIDS) now have a 3 year waiting list and the NHS through their ELCAS or CAMS service have a 1 year+ waiting list. Our goal is to create a safe spaces for young members of the LGBTQI+ community to come hang out, a place where they can gather free from persecution or judgement, where they can be themselves find themselves and build a network of support from friends, peers and professionals. A place where under 18’s can meet, play pool, talk, hang out, listen to music and ask for help. A centre that would act as a beacon of equality and diversity for an entire community and region, through education, collaboration and interaction.

The recently published lockdown well-being report of 2021 showed frightening results for members of the LGBTQI+ community. Alarming amounts of the LGBTQ+ community have reported feeling suicidal or have attempted suicide during the past twelve months:

  • 35% (one in three) of respondents reported feeling suicidal.
  • 6% reported a suicide attempt.
  • Trans and gender diverse people were three times as likely to attempt suicide in the last year than cis people (12% vs 4%).
  • 46% (almost half) of under 25s have felt suicidal in the past year.
  • 14% of under 18s have attempted suicide in the past year, of these, 53% were trans or gender diverse.

Connecting with other LGBTQ+ people has proven difficult or impossible for some, impacting their ability to express their identity:

  • 14% of respondents said they had no contact with another LGBTQ+ person for over a month.
  • Only 17% of under 18s said they could express their sexual or gender identity all the time during lockdown.
  • 12% of respondents said they could never express their LGBTQ+ identity during lockdown.

We understand the that times are hard for everyone right now, the lockdown has affected everybody’s mental health, our fear is that as a marginalised minority the young members of the LGBTQI+ community will suffer in silence until it is to late, the report showed almost all of the 1000 under 18’s that responded have had an increase in anxiety, loneliness, depression and suicidal thoughts.

our regular meetings in the photographic studio will be used to encourage young people to express their emotions through pictures. In a social media saturated world where we are spending more and more time staring at our screens, you might think that picking up a camera to ease your mind might seem counterintuitive—but scientific research proves otherwise. Not only does photography allow you to express yourself, but it also helps bring focus to positive life experiences, enhances your self-worth, and even reduces the stress hormone cortisol. It turns out that being a shutter bug gives you a perspective in more ways than one.

​We will provide accessible activities, programmes and services that aim to empower community members, provide essential resources, advocate for young LGBT+ rights, and embrace, promote and endorse the diversity of young persons.

We are committed to building a strong and cohesive LGBT+ community that is safe, free from prejudice, and thriving. A community where every LGBT+ young person feels empowered, inspired and proud of who they are.

Our Long term goal is to open centres across the United Kingdom where we can support as many young people as possible, we can only do this with your help, please help us make a difference & save a life.