The best way you can support any LGBT young person in your care is to take the time to listen to them with compassion and respond accordingly.

Most young persons are very aware of what they need to flourish and how they wish to be treated.

If you are having difficulties responding to the needs of the young person in your care, or the young person has difficulty articulating their needs we would welcome you to reach out to us.


We understand that as a parent or guardian of an LGBT+ young person it may be difficult for you to communicate with them and to respond to their needs. They may go through experiences very different to your own and we get that this can sometimes put pressure on your relationship with them.

We welcome you to discuss the specific needs of the young person you care for with us.

Understanding the best way to care for any LGBT+ young person may present certain challenges unfamiliar to you. Should you require additional support we are able to schedule one off meetings to assess your needs and provide tailored guidance.

We would be glad to support you in your journey, and in turn better support them. Please reach out to us for further support and advice.

Learn more about other organisations that can support you as a parent or guardian of an LGBT+ young person.