Get impartial, friendly and trust-worthy advice from an older LGBT+ person with similar lived experiences to you.

Have an open and honest conversation about coming out, family issues, relationships, careers, others’ identities, and more. We have mentors you can speak to for free, and you don’t have to be part of Youth Club or currently be accessing any of our other services.

Mentors are not counsellors, therapists nor teachers. They will never tell you what to do but will offer solutions to your current worries. Counsellors are trained professionals who specialise in talking therapies and in the majority of cases will focus on past events to reduce the impact of your past experiences on your present state of mind.

All matters discussed with a mentor are strictly confidential and will not be shared unless we are concerned about the risk of harm to you or others. In this instance we may seek additional professional advice or guidance on your behalf. You will be consulted and involved in all matters should this be the case.

You are not required to seek permission from a parent or guardian to receive mentoring support. We are able to offer you mentoring either at centre, or in a location of your choosing where you feel safe and comfortable.